In the past weeks, I have been working on my Last Post's TO DO List, and this post is to update you with my work.

CCV Debug Mode :

As the CCV users may be knowing , CCV logging was removed in CCV 1.3. This was due to several users reporting a bug  that the logs become very big size(sometimes in GBs). Logs help developers to visualize a crash situation, so its quite an important part. Therefore I have tried a workaround for that. Instead of logging every time, we make the logging optional. This is called CCV Debugging mode. You just have to pass a command line argument -d for that e.g.

[sourcecode language="text"] "Community Core Vision.exe" -d [/sourcecode]

And CCV Debugging mode is activated. Also , to make it simpler , in the next release a shortcut to CCV Debug mode will be included with the binaries. As usual this saves the Logs into the "logs" folder with the timestamp as the filename.

CCV Fiducial:

I know, this has been much awaited and many people have tried to do this before. Here is Stefan Schlupek's repo where he managed to do it properly. I have integrated Fiducial support in CCV-COT.

Things TBD :

  • First of all , I have to test the Fiducial additions ASAP and do all the corrections.
  • Sending 2DObj messages for Objects (right now it is 2DCur) also for Fiducials.
  • The TUIO bug , that has been many reports of TUIO not working properly. Have to look into that.
  • Better Object Tracking algorithm (after all the integrations are done)

Release :

I am not releasing this time, as I have not tested them well. So in next few days, there will be changes going on. I will release them after testing it out. It must be soon though ! In case you are in a hurry to try it out , you can do it yourself by checking out the repository and compiling the code yourself. In case you run into any problems, just let me know via comments/mail.

Also for my previous version , slugmobile(noah) has compiled binaries for Mac OSX . In case you want to try them out, check here.