Hello people ! My GSoC work has been going on. In this post I will be briefing more about my project. For the working convenience and time splitting, I have divided my project into 4 major parts ! I will be describing each of them in detail below.

  • ALGORITHM : This is the baseline of the project. This part of the project decides what is the template selection and matching algorithm is to be . I am almost done with this part. You can see the tests/results in the googlecode svn. Finally I have decided to do the contour bounding rectangle matching. Also I have planned to include a button for more accurate matching which will do the contour matching test. With this algorithm it will be a good for shape matching.
  • TEMPLATE SELECTION TOOL : This will be acting as addon to the existing CCV project. With the use of this tool, you can select the particular templates which you can use for matching . For better options, I will include sliders for minimum and maximum area of the contour to filter out the best contours. Also you will have the option to see the binary video also. You click-and-drag over the contour which you want to select and it saves the selected contour in an XML file. The XML file can be modified to change the id also.
  • TEMPLATE MATCHING TOOL :  This part of the application will be handling the main tracking part. This will be a modification to CCV. It will load the xml data generated by the template selection tool and do all the calculations and do the TUIO sending Part. I will work hard on this to optimize the performance.
  • APPLICATION : Once the previous part is done , I will work on this part. The applications will use the TUIO sent from the Template Matching Tool. I am planning to do this part with the help of PyMT/ TUIO AS3 API. Will decide based on the time remaining and complications which arise. This will be the last part of the project.

In this way, I have divided the work which I am doing. More detailed posts with instruction will be there once I have crossed the milestones. Right now I am working on the "Template Selection Tool". Its high time to shift the gear to maximum. I will keep updating :-)