Initially I thought, roadmap will be a better word , but naah! This is just a post on what "may be" in CCV in future releases ! Also people who want to contribute into CCV code base and have no idea what they can do , these are some features that can be worked on ! Some of them are pretty easy, so can be nice place to start !

  • Multicam (up to 16 PS3 cameras supported by CLEye Driver)
  • WM_TOUCH messages along with TUIO messages
  • TUIO on multiple ports(done in CCV 1.4 final)
  • Debug mode improvements (say -p arguments prints number of blobs and so on. Right now only -d option is supported for logging )
  • Run directly as service. Once all parameters are set and saved , you don't need any GUI !
  • Porting to Linux - Now it's about time to port CCV to Linux and do cross platform development !
  • Object Tracking improvements by use of ROI.
  • GUI improvements - as suggested by Patrick.
  • Tracking performance improvements and ability to adjust the ccv settings in single steps(suggested by the_goat)
  • Improve fiducial tracking (may be using direct reactivision library instead of addon ?) (suggested by Rogier Mars)
  • un-Distortion filters in CCV (

This is not all , this is just a list of what comes to my mind right now ! If you want to add/modify any feature, just let me know , and I will add it up !

I have tried some of these and got success in some (like- running as service,debug mode improvements, multiple port TUIO) but the code is not mature enough to be merged into the repo. So if any of you want to work on these features, you can ask me/anyone in dev team for help !

You think you are not the "code-guy" and still want to contribute ? You are always welcome to help in documentation ! CCV is nicely documented, also the code is written so that it is easy to follow ! But better is always good ;) !