I can not wait to tell that after some effort I have been able to integrate ofxFiducialFinder (addon for openFrameworks by Alain Ramos) into the Community Core vision. Well its not complete.Just the integration have been done.  It can just track fiducials and "only fiducials". I have just released the alpha version for testers so that I could know any mistakes in this and will try to work that out. Well, some points to note :-

  • This does not track fingers, only fiducials !!
  • This does not send TUIO messages
  • Only the fiducials  in this doc are supported
  • GPU Mode not yet implemented (removed from original due to some problems)

Here is an image tracking some of the markers.

I have not tested it in realtime setup because I dont have one (Currently building an LLP setup).I would like you to test it and tell me in which way it can be improved through comments / mail / twitter . I look forward to it.

Note : You need to play with your filter settings and get the best picture(black and white) in the right side big image.

DOWNLOAD - CCV-Fiducial-bin.zip

Also at box.net :- CCV-Fiducial-bin.zip