Hello everyone , its a little long since my last post but yes, I had been busy coding and thought of posting after I got some results. Now that I am getting some results, I thought of posting an article about my work and plans.

Also I want to tell you that there was a slight deviation of my plan/road-map from my last post. In that post I mentioned regarding the two parts, one for template selection and one for template matching. Well, I have changed the plan a little bit. Instead of having 2 tools, one for selection and one for tracking, I integrated selection and tracking into one.So it will be just modification of CCV, which will do both template selection and tracking. Initially I thought it will be a bit slow, but it turned out to be effective. You can follow my work on http://code.google.com/p/ccv-tt.

Here is a small preview of what I did.

As you can see, in the GUI I have added  a "Track" section where you specify what to track (fingers/objects/fiducial). Also I added a "Template Area" panel , which decided the blue and green rectangle you see in the figure. Also I modified the settings section to have Save templates and Load templates.

Also I have included the TemplateUtils class in the sourcecode which takes care of all the template works. The templates are saved in "templates.xml" file in "data" folder.The ID will be auto assigned. In case you want to change it , you can change in the xml file and load the xml again while the CCV is running.

Right now , I am able to track objects(I am able to differentiate them from finger blob). Next what I will be doing is :

  • Template ID assignment
  • x,y points conversion of the templates.
  • Drawing of the tracked objects
  • TUIO message sending
  • Better Template matching method (Right now it is very simple)
  • CCV shortcut keys for templates
  • Fiducial integration

In next week, I will be implementing some of these functions and testing. Once it is ready for the release, I will have a release package for alpha testers and have a video showing the work. Also then I will be posting a step by step documentation soon how to work with this. Look for the posts here in near future.