India celebrated Digital India Week during the 1st week of July. I was asked to create an Android app controlled window blinds by Software Technology Parks of India for Inauguration of their new incubation center. While the task was not a challenge , creating it within 3 days was . Especially with no prior experience with the technologies used. As scheduled everything went find and the new STPI incubation center was inaugurated by Hon'ble IT Minister of Odisha using the Android App.

I used a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B running a Pyramid web Server, which was shown as a WebView in Android app. I had also tried Node JS Express with node-arm, but the GPIO pin output was discreet which I did not want -GitHub Issue. With no time to debug , I quickly decided to have a Pyramid back-end instead of NodeJS.

The Android app used to send the signal through the back-end to the 2 GPIO pins , which in turn controlled 2 Relays which were interfaced to the motors of the blind. Here's a video of it in Action.

In case you want to know more about it , you can reach me here.