If you were thinking why I was quiet for more than a month , I can have an excuse :P . I was busy in making arrangements for the main project, getting funds, registering as academic project, getting projector, deciding the budget etc etc(not to mention taking rest for looooong time). So finally to open my mouth I thought I would make a prototype of this which is a MTMini of course .

So I will write about how I made it so that it helps people getting into this field easily.


All hardware I required was a carton(23cmx15cm) , a web-cam(normal USB 2.0 and 10 fps), and a piece of paper(A4 size).I did not use any plexiglass but for someone making it I will advise to use plexiglass as it gives support and will produce better blobs.

The photo shows all things used.

I dint except too much from it as it had lesser configuration and all but it really turned out pretty good. The camera had 10 fps and it still managed to perform pretty well . Also I was happy for the blob quality . I felt like I had the best config for CCV in the world :P.

Pic goes here :


Well the base of it is CCV. I used v 1.2 . for receiving the video and process it . I will post a few pics of the images captured .

I tried and did the demo of the photo app and Fluid solver to people which worked quite well and demonstrated about the actual use of multi-touch. I will have to use PyMT as there is not a lot of good flash apps to show up with MT Mini.

These are some of the pics that I had taken.

And Finally the pic which says it all :). The pic of the CCV interface.

So Finally as thanks giving I want to thank all people who provided the hardware parts like webcam (Suraj), Carton (Chaitanya) and Paper (LP).And of course thanks to seth sandler's idea,NUIGroup and of course the people who did bare me for this and all my friends :).

Next I will be deciding about the dimension of the LLP setup which I am building. So this much for now :).