N.B : If you dont want to go through the gossip and just try it please see the end of the post where i have links :P

Well I was away for quite a few days and was out of any work . So i decided to create something simple and got this idea. I don't know if someone else has done something like this or not but I am quite happy that I was able to do this  :) .I dont tell that this is a great application but as for me as new to Actionscript 3.0 and multitouch world this is great .

So enough boasting :P  . Coming over to the application this is basically an multitouch editor which has an text area where we insert text using a Multitouch Keyboard . this is how it looks NUIPad

Well as you open difference instances of this you will get the MTPad with different colors (because i could not decide which color will be the best i put it random ) . Let me know if you want it to be of a particular color ( give me the uint code of the color if possible ).  In this editor you can change the font size and also the format with which you can write (i.e make it bold or italic or underlined or a combo of all these ) . The information of the text will appear in the textboxes with Grey background ( The ones with containing "A" and 20 in the figure ) . The "Keyboard" key will toggle the visibility of the keyboard . The "X" button at right bottom corner will close (of course) . For now the Caps key will substitute the work of the SHIFT key.The keyboard and the editor can be re-sized to any extent (Hail RotableScalable).the class RotatableScalable may not be bug free(I have to find one yet) but surely is very useful class in AS3 programming in multitouch.It really cuts down your work.

Well for now these are the features yet to be implemented and i know it lacks many features .

Features it does not have yet :

  • Ths shift key in the keyboard is missing. This is because of the bug i discussed in this thread . Well I think i can fix it now . If possible will fix it in next release .
  • some of the combination of keys do not work like "ctrl+A" , "alt+f4" .
  • A scroller.
  • You can not insert in the middle of any place (There is no work of the up,down,left right key as there is no cursor/carat) .
  • Also we can set the paragraph style which is not implemented yet .
  • Saving into text file . Of course there is no meaning in creating a text file unless until i can save it to somewhere . Well i have implemented (and removed) a system where i can save the file to text file because that needs the mouse interaction (so removed). Till nowi dont understand how to do this . I am thinking of executing a batch file or shell script with the whole text as argument . Well but this will create a number of files  If anyone has any other idea please welcome .(Language : AS3)
  • I am thinking of having an icon of MTPad, which on click we can have multiple instances of this editor running .

Till now I have done this much. I have tried and fixed any bug I found . Still I can not guarantee that this will be bugfree. So any bugs found please let me know . Will try to fix that .

Basically there is something i want to tell you why i chose to keep this name.First i thought i will keep it viMT but then thought well if i do tat half the vi supporter will kill me as it is nothing in front of that . Then i thought the name as MTEdit which sounds quite like gedit (gnome text editor) . But gedit has quite nice facilities  like indenting and highlighting then suddenly i thought of the notepad (Windows notepad) . I think this was a suitable name and so kept it MTPad . Like notepad i can change the text size (of course with much ease). Of course this is not nearer to notepad (given it can select text and replace, save,open and you can change the text color and font) but it surely is closer to notepad. (NO OFFENCE)

Regarding the code part I will share them once i have documented them properly (will require 1 or 2 days at max). But now i surely want to tell that i have made a MTButton class, a MTCustomKeyboard class,a MTFullKeyboard class and an MTEditor class. I have tried to make these classes very configurable . I will discuss about the code and how to use all these classes in your application .

Also i wanted to tell you that the whole application was developed with pure code using FlashDevelop and i never used the flash IDE. FlashDevelop is a great IDE and is very fast compared to flash.I just want to tell everyone who works with flash please try FlashDevelop an opensource and free IDE for ActionScript.

I would like people to try it out on their MT setup if they can as i dont have one till date (Tell me any change i need to make).Please let me know what you feel about the application (may be good or bad ,both are welcome,Also bugs and what more can be done) through comments. Of course your comment will surely be helpful  and encourage me to work harder on it . :)


download swf : Need to set the flash player security settings

download exe: Click on free download (wait for 60 secs that sucks).Just run and enjoy

The sourcecode with all the classes will be shared in a day or two after documenting it properly with instruction how to use them properly in your work .